Bledsoe Baptist Association
Friday, February 21, 2020
Strengthening churches as they execute the Great Commission

Gospel Conversations Training

Tuesday February 25, 9 a.m. & 6 p.m.

Gallatin First, 205 E Main St.

Ross Ramsey, Pastor of Discipleship and Evangelism, FBC Allen, TX is our trainer. He has served 5 churches over 20 years, including Gallatin First on Main, as well as 3 years at LifeWay.

Ross has trained multiple churches in Tennessee and Texas in the Gospel Conversations strategy

Ross asks us the penetrating question, "How are you equipping your people to share Jesus and have Gospel conversations?" He says, "Most churches aspire to it as a value, but many fall short of actually having a training that produces obedience in this critical area."

This simple, but powerful training in Gospel Conversations will equip you to share Jesus!

You will:

  1. Learn how to enter into a meaningful Gospel conversation.
  2. Be trained in a simple, biblical, and reproducing Gospel tool.
  3. Be trained in the 4 responses to the Gospel.
  4. Have the opportunity to practice what you are learning in the group setting and in real life.


Morning Session: 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Lunch is included.

Evening: 6 p.m. supper. Session: 6:30—8:30

The teaching will be identical in the morning and evening sessions. There will just be more practice time in the morning.

Gospel Conversations Training is for pastors, staff and laypeople. Bring as many people as you can.

Ross Ramsey wants us to understand that this is not an evangelism program, but a training in a lifestyle of Great Commission living.

Click here to register for the training and meals

When registering, please choose Morning or Evening.

Deadline for registration is February 20

Please read these testimonies from people and churches who have been impacted by Gospel Conversations training:


Good morning Ross! I am delighted to give some feedback for Gospel Conversations!

I was very much grateful and encouraged by the training! I've walked in my faith for a few years now, and I've always had the desire to share the gospel but was never equipped with the knowledge of how to do so in love. Unfortunately, I was one of that 98 % of Christians who, after having confessed my faith in Christ, did not share the gospel with the lost successfully.

What I took most from the training is the practical sense of how we shall actually share the Gospel. I greatly enjoyed the depth and details of the training and ESPECIALLY how it was immediately placed into action afterward!

I praise the Lord and pray that Gospel Conversations training continues to grow and will be blessed so that the Body of Christ may increase in such knowledge, motivation, encouragement, and boldness to spread the Wonderful News of the Kingdom of God!

God Bless and may the peace and grace of the Lord be upon you!

Sincerely, Tawny Mendiola, Allen, Texas


Dear Bledsoe Baptist Pastors, staff and churches,

Let me share with you the impact of being obedient to the Great Commission and the Gospel Conversations Training at Allen Heights Baptist Church in Allen, Texas.

We are a church of about 120 on Sunday mornings and we asked Ross Ramsey to come and train us as I desired to go out in to our city along with our church to share the gospel with the lost.

I trained and went out with FBC Allen and was humbled by having been disobedient to the Great Commission that Jesus commanded. I had no excuse. I prayed and preached and led our church to get started immediately. We trained about 15 people (half of our deacons) the first time around and a few months later another 15.

Allen Heights Baptist Church is in suburban area of Allen, Texas. People are driving around from here to there. They walk and jog enjoying a sunny Sunday walking their dogs with no desire for Christ or to follow Him. That’s our context. How do we reach them?

After our Gospel Conversations training, we changed our Sunday nights to going out into the neighborhoods and sharing the gospel, door to door, whoever would show up and then coming back to report what each team experienced.

God-stories, one after one occurred in amazing ways. Our people were praying with people, sharing the gospel, and seeing a move of the Holy Spirit within church members to obey the Great Commission. It's changing our church culture as we draw closer to Jesus . . . changing our DNA as a body of Christ as this was a HUGE MISSING PIECE.

AL, one of our 83 year old deacons, can barely walk as both knees are shot, but he came to an initial training. He practiced the 3 Circles gospel conversation plan and went out to share on Sunday nights. He also began to see opportunities during the week: At the doctor's office sharing with a nurse and sharing with his bowling buddies on their Friday bowling night.

And then there was Sally. Luis came to church without his wife, Sally, because she's a Buddhist. We are talking idols on the mantle of the fireplace that she worshipped. Luis kept reading his bible and prayed in their bedroom. He never confronted her because he didn't want to offend her. Al also is burdened and begins to pray for Sally's salvation. Not just from a prayer list during prayer meeting, Al prayed many times a day for Sally. He went to their house one night led by the Holy Spirit to take something to Luis.

While there, God gave him the opportunity to share the gospel and Sally sat at the kitchen table listening intently. She did not respond to trust in Christ, but a few weeks later, Al goes by again to check on Luis and Sally invites Al in. He shares the gospel again. She still did not trust Christ, but she can almost repeat the gospel presentation back to Al.

6 months later, Sally is attending church with Luis. She has removed the idols and during worship she sings the songs and listens to the preaching. Al is still praying. The Holy Spirit is working and we are waiting. All of this came about because God used Al's obedience to PRAY and GO and TELL Sally the Gospel Message. Sally hugs Al every Sunday during the meet and greet time!!

Our obedience to the Great Commission, as Jesus commands, has transformed us.

Praise His Name!

Dr. Brian Everett, Pastor, Allen Heights Baptist Church


Hi Ross,

I thought the training was AMAZING and it made an immediate impact in my life! I trained a fellow believer the next day who mentioned he was struggling with how to talk to his roommate about suffering in the world. I went through the whole 411 Sheet with him.

I went through the 3 rings with another friend the following week, which spurred on a good discussion. I used the three rings to talk with my daughter and niece (both 5) and it really opened some good conversation with them. We’ve revisited it several times in the last week. They both have a lot of head knowledge of the gospel but have not fully connected it to their own personal sin quite yet, so this has been another good tool.

Then, most notably I was able to pray with a homeless man at Mockingbird DART Station in Dallas last Saturday. I always try to take bags with blankets and hygiene supplies whenever I ride DART because I know I'll encounter homeless people. As an aside, as a City Planner by profession I genuinely enjoy mass transit and use it whenever I can. I had handed out a few bags, but one man was more receptive to talk. Then I heard your voice in my head saying "if you do a good deed but don't share Jesus, then you've missed the point!" I was able to ask his name and if there was anything I could pray with him about and he opened up and asked that I pray that God would deliver him from homelessness and reconcile him to his family, especially his son. I was able to pray with him and the security guard standing nearby joined in. I know I wouldn’t have been as convicted or had the courage to do it without the training!

The other notable ironic thing was I was on a date. After praying the homeless man hugged me and then walked over and hugged my date. I like to put dates on the DART train to see how they react to potentially uncomfortable situations but got more than I bargained for that night…ha! It made for quite a memorable first date.

Thank you again for your time, effort and heart for the lost!