Bledsoe Baptist Association
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Strengthening churches as they execute the Great Commission



 Dr. Mike Pennington, Director of Missions

Encouraging & Enriching BBA Leadership


Your association believes in encouraging and developing our BBA Leadership.

BBA is "adding value" to our pastors. 18 of us attended a Lunch & Learn with Jim Shaddix, master discipler and professor of preaching at Southeastern Seminary. Jim challenged us to pay the price, stay close to the Savior and do whatever it takes to minister and preach with “other-worldly” power—not in our own strength. It was a powerful and needed word! Then 23 pastors and wives attended an evening Minister’s Connect. The fellowship was rich and the encouragement real! Pray for your pastor!

Music, Pianist & Youth Networks —Last month I wrote about the need for a network of servants to serve our churches in the areas of Music, Pianist and Youth ministry. There has been some response, but much more is needed! Keep reading for Youth leader network news. God is at work!

Pinewood Boulder Update and Prayer—God used our mission team greatly to prepare for the launch of “our” new church. Here’s a report from our church planter, Parker Manuel: There’s so much to tell about launch day! It was beyond anything we could have imagined. 191 attended! Praying now for all of those new guests to come back this Sunday and bring a friend. We had 7 people check on our connect cards that they decided to follow Jesus and 3 people raised their hands for salvation. We’re going to follow up this week on those decisions and get them plugged into a small group and discipleship. Pray!

Pray! And keep praying!

Your Servant in Christ,    Mike