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Thursday, December 05, 2019
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 Dr. Mike Pennington, Director of Missions

Embracing the Kindness of God


I've been meditating and reflecting on the amazing kindness of God a great deal lately. And I'm using the word kindness instead of love intentionally. We've grown up hearing "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so." We know, at least intellectually, that God loves us, but have you ever discovered that there a lot of things that you "believe with all your head" that haven't really, deeply penetrated to the inner sanctum of your heart? Let's look for a moment, maybe in a new way at the grace-filled kindness of God as revealed in Genesis 3.

That's right, Genesis 3. The chapter that records sin coming into the world. Is God's kindness there? Absolutely. It's revealed in God's 3 questions. "Where are you? Who told you? Have you eaten?" There is kindness in each of those questions.

"Where are you?" God desires fellowship with us. He created us for intimacy with him. Sin marred that fellowship, but God, in his grace-filled kindness, reached out calling, "Where are you?" Jim Fitch, former pastor of Gallatin First on Main, said, "Grace is treating someone better than they deserve." God did this.

"Who told you?" They now knew they were naked and they were hiding in their shame. What I think God, in His kindness, was really asking was, "Who have you been listening to besides me?" They had listened to the voice of the enemy. I often listen to the voice of shame. Maybe you do, too, or maybe to the voice of fear or failure. God wants us to listen to his voice of truth.

"Have you eaten?" The Father was not asking for information. He was really asking, "Where has your hunger taken you?" or "What are you hungry for?" God desires for us to be hungry for Him and His word.

I'm meditating on these 3 questions . . . A lot! I hope you will, too. Oh, God's kindness was revealed again just a few verses later. He killed one of His precious animals to cover them. To this point, no death had entered the world, but the wages of sin is death. An innocent animal was killed to make their clothes. I believe it was a lamb.

Walking in the Kindness of God,