Bledsoe Baptist Association
Monday, August 20, 2018
Strengthening churches as they execute the Great Commission



 Dr. Mike Pennington, Director of Missions

Why I Love Being Southern Baptist!


I’ve said this before, but in spite of all the challenges before us, I still love being part of the Southern Baptist Convention!

We elected a young president, JD Greear. I believe fresh ideas and fresh vision are on the horizon. Pray for our new president! Great days are ahead.

We faced issues head-on and with grace. We are looking for a new leader of the SBC Executive Committee and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, my alma-mater. Needful questions were asked and answered. Pointed resolutions were adopted regarding the proper and honoring treatment of women and how to relate to them as God calls them into ministry. We had a contested presidential election, but I believe God’s will was done. We also elected an African-American and an Hispanic as first and second vice presidents.

God is accomplishing great things around the world through the IMB and great things in North America through NAMB. During the appointment service, 79 new missionaries were appointed to place of deep spiritual darkness. Many of them could not have their faces revealed because of security reasons. I personally met and prayed for Misha, SE Asia and Natalie and Garrett, Southern Europe. I’ve marked my calendar to pray for them every Wednesday. Please pray for them, too. Every time I hear David Platt speak, I’m ready to pack my bags again. Pray for the IMB as they seek a new President.

The Cooperative program is still the best and greatest tool for missions support ever devised. When is the last time your church considered increasing your CP gifts? It’s a worthy cause as we prove once again that we can do more together than we can separately!

Associations are adapting and retooling for more effective relevant ministry in the challenging days ahead. I’m part of the leadership team of SBCAL, our national organization. The Associational Study Team presented a powerful report and intriguing recommendations. We will discuss these with the Executive Board and may present something at the BBA Summit, October 28.

The main recommendation is a name change from DOM to AMS, Associational Mission Strategist. Director of Missions served us well as a title, but in reality, it’s not very descriptive of what we do. It’s more descriptive to say that I do a lot more mission strategy and mission support than mission directing. Trust me, this will not be done in haste, and, we don’t have to do anything at all. But if our language is sharper, more focused and descriptive and clear, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Watch for more info in coming days. We will discuss this in the July Executive Board meeting.

Yours for Great and Fruitful Days Ahead!    Mike