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Sunday, September 26, 2021
Strengthening churches as they execute the Great Commission

Pinewood Boulder Update

Hey Pastor Mike,

 This has been quite the challenging season for everyone. We’ve experienced a lot of grief with family and friends who have lost jobs and loved ones. We are living in the tension of homeschooling our 5 kids, while at the same time walking with people in our city through some of their darkest hours. And we’ve been navigating the constant changes in regulations in our city in regards to houses of worship. It is exhausting, but it has also been very rewarding. Through all of the challenges and changes God has remained faithful and has given us peace and perseverance.

 I’ve outlined some highlights from our core pillars as a church. These are the pillars that support the health and reach of Pinewood. There’s also been some changes as it relates to our location. We were meeting in a Jewish Synagogue up until March of this year and were a significant relocation to a local elementary school the weekend of the pandemic. All of the schools in Boulder County have been shut down and not allowing anyone to gather in their locations since March. Also, all of the local theaters, event spaces, or churches were not allowing gatherings either.

 Our theme coming in to 2020 as a church was Build A Bridge. We knew that God had called us to be bridge builders in our community. Bridges needed to be built with the local schools, business, churches, and neighbors. Through one of those relationships with a pastor on the north side of town, we were talking about gatherings and he offered to let us worship on their property outside. They have 20 acres of land and a large paved parking lot with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. We gathered outside for 11 weeks and every week we saw new families show up. One lady in the parking lot broke down in tears thanking me for continuing to gather despite everything going on in the world, she told me “I needed this.”

 On October 11th I got a call from the pastor at Vinelife Church and he invited us to move into the building. Over the last 11 weeks we had been calling the location “The Lookout”. He went on to tell me that they are renaming the building and location to “The Lookout” and that they want it to be used by both churches as a ministry center for Boulder. Both of our staff teams have met often to pray, eat, and worship together. The building seats 1250 comfortably and comes with offices and a large kids wing. They have given our staff full access to the building and property. We are working hard to raise funds to be a blessing to this faith community as they are being such a blessing to us.

 We have much to be grateful for in this season, but the thing I am most excited about is how God is allowing us to be a blessing to the city. This Thanksgiving our goal was to bring in 1000 bags for families in our community. We are working with local non-profits, foster care families, homeless shelters, and low -income apartment complexes. We have had an overwhelming response to this need. There’s too many God stories to recount in a single email, but God has above and beyond provided for the needs of our community. We will reach our goal of 1000 bags with some additional funds to spare. We are taking those additional funds to bless our families with gift cards for food. Churches and local businesses in our community have partnered with us on this initiative. Build A Bridge has truly been a theme that God continues to bless.

 None of this would be possible without your prayer and continued support. We know that this year has made it hard on churches financially, so from the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you. In Boulder, there has only been one other church plant come to the city in the last 10 years and there are currently zero church planters coming. We recognize that the responsibility is great to steward the time, energy, and resources given to the mission of reaching this city with the Good News of the Gospel. We love you and are grateful for everything you’re doing to help us reach this city for Jesus.

 Prayer Requests:

-          Pray for the Pinewood staff team. They are carrying a heavy load in this season. All of them are bi-vocational and do not take a paycheck from the church.

-          Pray for our family. We are still navigating the challenge of pressing on the mission in the city, while not neglecting our first mission in our home.

-          Pray for the city that God would continue to open up clear opportunities for us to be a blessing in these difficult times.

-          Pray for the lost that they would be open to the Gospel. That God would draw them in and that our people would continue to be bold in sharing.

-          Pray for the new counseling and recovery center.


  1. Overview of the past year


We have pillars here at pinewood and we want to take a minute to share with you some data surrounding these pillars that have truly been markers along the journey. The Pillars are: the Sunday Gathering, Crews, Growth Track, Pinewood Kids, and Love Boulder.


  1. Data:

We care about numbers because numbers are people, and people matter to God.

    1. Sunday Gathering
      1. Pivoted to Broadcast
        1. YouTube Subscribers = 228
        2. YouTube Views = 5,880
        3. Podcast = 5,400
        4. Church Online Platform
          1. Salvations = 24
          2. Prayer Requests = 51
      2. 10 Outdoor Services
        1. Started with 77 and grew to 128.
        2. Grew every week with new people and families.
    2. Crews
      1. In 2018 we grew from 1 crew to 4
      2. In 2019 we grew from 6 crews to 11
      3. In 2020 we grew from 11 crews to 15 Crews
      4. We have increased the number of Crews by 77% since the start of 2020. The largest Crew week saw 121 people in Season 2 of this year. Our average Crew Week for this season has been 94 people!
    3. Growth Track
      1. 2018 - 66, 2019 - 164, 2020 - 120, Total in the last three years is 350 people! Wow!
      2. Growth Track is the front door of our church. It is how you get connected in serving and building.
    4. Pinewood Kids
      1. 500 letters sent to kids during COVID
      2. 536 views on YouTube since we launched Pinewood Kids YouTube in May
      3. Story: Letter to PNWD Kids Team
        1. “I have a confession to make- I have no idea how we ended up on your mailing list! But on a whim and because I was epically curious how a small church was going to handle this new season, I submitted my kiddos info in. Almost every day we've received something for one of the kids in the past few weeks and every time I keep thinking- who would do that?  Who would be praying for kids they've never met- by name- over and over and over again? I've been a Christian and a part of the church for. ever. and I've never been so overwhelmed by people loving on my kids so well.”
    5. Love Boulder
      1. Partnered with Basta & River & Woods, two local hospitality restaurants that have been hit during the pandemic.
      2. Partnered with BVSD for Chromebooks for students and food deliveries. Our LB team made 60 grocery deliveries a week to families in need [for 18+ weeks] due to the pandemic.
      3. Served the Nursing Homes by providing 350 gift bags for employees and doing two drive by parades.
      4. Provided free coffee for medical workers during Covid.
      5. Partnered with 14 local churches to run a Food & Supply Drive. (Build A Bridge)
        1. EFAA: 4774 lbs in donations
        2. Harvest of Hope: 2365 lbs in donations
        3. Homeless Shelter: 53 sleeping bags, 18 sleeping mats, 18 tarps, 23 tents, and 4 camping pillows.
    6. Honorable Mentions
      1. Men’s Retreat (20 men)
      2. Her Nights (3 her nights)
      3. Growth In Pandemic
      4. Local Church Unity In Boulder (Agenda 1)
      5. 24 men and women through the Leadership Pipeline. A program designed by NAMB to equip and empower future missionaries and church planters.