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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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 Dr. Mike Pennington, Director of Missions

Pray for Israel!


In March, Kristi and I had the joy of spending 3 weeks in Israel as a part of the gracious sabbatical you all gave me.

Today I want to share more about the amazing people of the Kibbutz Beth-El. You get to know people quite well when you live and worship with them for 21 days. There are about 500, primarily German and Canadian, members of the kibbutz that live in 6 locations in Israel. Their theology is solidly evangelical. Their lifestyle is very simple, maybe similar to Mennonite. They came to Israel in 1963 with 2 senior adult ladies and a couple of families. Now they employ over 900 Israelis at 7 factories. Amazing! Here’s why I believe God has blessed them.

Humility - I don’t know if I’ve ever been around such genuine humility. They were constantly giving glory to God and deflecting any praise or thanksgiving to Him. On the first Wednesday night worship, Bro. Albert spoke. I complimented him on the message and he responded, "Oh, I’m not a pastor, I’m just an electrician." Actually, he’s the lead elder and head of their largest factory, but you would never know it. Their humility was heart-felt & contagious.

Prayer - They literally pray about every thing. Much of their worship is spent in prayer. They, obviously, know all their blessings come from God and are constantly seeking Him. Bro. John, the elder who runs one factory, was asked, "Before you built, did you do a lot of research and go see other factories?" He responded with a usual humble reply, "Yes, we did some, but we also prayed."

Love - They, without doubt, love the Lord and each other. I asked 2 elders, "You have 15 elders. What do you do when there is a disagreement among you?" He responded, "We pray and seek God and wait. We do nothing in a hurry. When we are in harmony, then we move forward." Oh that all churches everywhere would learn the principles of humility, prayer and love!

BBA response - Pray for Israel. All they asked of me, "Go home and pray for Israel! That’s all the thanks we need." So, again, I ask you all to pray for Israel. Please pray for the veil to be lifted and the eyes of the Jews to be opened to Jesus, the Messiah. Pray for an awakening to sweep the land. Pray for the safety, security and salvation of Israel. Thank you!

Grace to you!


For more info, article about Beth-El by an Israeli "You won't believe what this German Christian kibbutz makes"

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