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Friday, February 21, 2020
Strengthening churches as they execute the Great Commission



 Dr. Mike Pennington, Director of Missions

How to Solve Every Problem in the Church...


As a young pastor in Missouri, I heard Pastor Bailey Smith make the following statement:

"Evangelism can solve every problem in your church!"

A bold statement to be sure. Dr. Smith went on to explain, "Do you need more people? Win people to Jesus, connect them to the church in Sunday School or a small group, feed them the Word and you have a member that sticks." "Is there not enough money? Win people to Jesus, love them as they fall in love with Jesus and teach them to tithe." "Is there conflict in the church? Train your people to share their faith and send them out to fulfill the Great Commission. How in the world can I do that? Love your people sincerely and passionately. Preach on the unconditional love of God and the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. Preach on the harvest?that the lost are like sheep without a shepherd and we are the laborers for the harvest." Dr. Smith concluded, "A church whose people are trained and sent out?excited about sharing Christ, will see people saved, baptized and connected to the church. Conflict will be rare because the people are too excited about what God is doing in their church to major on minors!"

Pastor Glynn Weekley (25 years at Hendersonville First) was famous for saying, "The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing. And the main thing is to win people to Jesus Christ."

Keeping the main thing the main thing is why we are providing training in the Gospel Conversations strategy. Here?s another testimony of a life transformed:

I am delighted to share what God did in my life through Gospel Conversations! I am very, very grateful and encouraged by the training! I've walked in my faith for a few years now, and I've always had the desire to share the gospel but was never equipped in how to share Christ in love. Unfortunately, I was one of those 98% of Christians who, after having confessed my faith in Christ, did not share the gospel with the lost.

What I took most from the training is the practical, conversational, and loving way we actually share the Gospel. I greatly enjoyed the depth and details of the training and ESPECIALLY how it was immediately placed into action!

I praise the Lord and pray that Gospel Conversations training continues to grow and multiply in other churches. I pray that it will be blessed so that the Body of Christ may increase in such knowledge, motivation, encouragement and boldness to spread the Wonderful News of the Kingdom of God!

God Bless and may the peace and grace of the Lord be upon you! Sincerely, Tawny Mendiola, Allen, Texas

I know you want God to work in your church and among your people. Training them to lovingly share Jesus with the Gospel Conversations strategy is a great first step. Register soon. Deadline: February 18.

Sharing Jesus,