Bledsoe Baptist Association
Monday, January 21, 2019
Strengthening churches as they execute the Great Commission



 Dr. Mike Pennington, Director of Missions

God IS At Work!


All praise to the Lord for the way He is at work in and through the Bledsoe Baptist Association. Rejoice in the work of the Lord and of our churches. Rejoice that God is changing lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. Rejoice in the partnership in the gospel that we have together.

Record breaking BBA Summit - First Baptist Gallatin on Winchester did a marvelous job hosting us as 708 messengers and friends gathered on October 28. Never have so many Bledsoe Baptists gathered in one place! The music was powerful, meaningful and worshipful. The fellowship was refreshing as old relationships were renewed and as new ones were established. What a joy to mingle together and make new friends at the reception provided by First Baptist after the service.

Pastor Derrick Jackson delivered a powerful message entitled: The Church Coming Out of the Shadows, from Matthew 5:14-16. He said that,

  1. The Church that comes out of the shadows Runs Counter Culture. Scripture says that Jesus is the Light of the world. Now Jesus says “you are the light of the world.” Jesus is the light and we must reflect His light to the world. The church must not be co-opted by the culture otherwise it will blend in and not stand out for God. Unfortunately, driven by consumerism, the church can be more about strategy and process than reaching souls for Christ.

    The story is told of Robert Louis Stephenson as a child watching a lamp lighter on the street. He exclaimed, “Look, there’s a man poking holes in the darkness!” How many holes have we poked in the darkness?

  2. The Church coming out of the Shadows must Be Consistently Consistent. You could see that city on the hill day or night! (vv14-15) If the light is on the darkness must flee. Light puts out darkness. Our light should be on for all to see, but unfortunately, we are consistently inconsistent and the world is confused.
  3. The Church coming out of the Shadows must be Courageously Christ-centered. We must not sound an uncertain note. We must clearly proclaim Him as the only way, truth and life and live Christ-centered lives so that others will see the fruit of Christ in us and glorify Him! (v.16)

If you missed the BBA Summit, you missed the blessing! We celebrated a new partnership with Montreal Canada. We celebrated the launch of Pinewood Church, Boulder and 9 recent baptisms with more soon to come. We celebrated Church Revitalization and missions and ministries. The good news is there will be another BBA Summit in 2019.

I am thankful for Bledsoe Baptist Association. I’m thankful for our partnership in the gospel. I’m thankful for changed lives!

Your Servant in Christ,    Mike