Boulder Church Plant

Sunday Services (Broadcast) We pivoted on Sunday gatherings along with the rest of the world and we are now broadcasting our Sunday services on all social and streaming platforms. Lots of work, but reaching many with the Gospel. In the last 3 Months: 28 Salvations; many new Followers on Facebook and new Subscribers to YouTube; many new website hits.

Small Groups (Crews) Another unique challenge that the pandemic brought was extreme isolation. Boulder already feels like a very isolating city. This leads to significantly higher percentages of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. We quickly moved all of our small groups to Zoom calls and moved them to every week. We’ve been able to add 3 new small groups since the beginning of COVID-19. We’ve seen a slight increase in attendance and have reached people in other states such as New York, Florida, Texas, Minneapolis, and even Brazil!


FEED INDIVIDUALS & FAMILIES IN NEED – During this season of COVID-19 we recognize that there are many that are unable to leave their homes to purchase groceries. We also realize that many have lost their jobs and are unable to purchase necessities like groceries and toiletries. Our servant leaders at Pinewood have been purchasing and delivering meals to individuals and families in Boulder, Colorado alongside Boulder Valley School District and Emergency Family Assistance Association. Our goal is to meet as many needs as possible during this pandemic. We also held a local food drive in partnership with the other local churches in Boulder and brought in over 5 tons of food to fill food pantries in our city. We also brought in a box truck load of camping equipment for the homeless community.

CARE FOR THOSE CARING FOR OTHERS – Two specific initiatives : 1) Partnership with the employees of 3 nursing homes in Boulder and the national frontline workers in the medical profession. We delivered 250 care packages to the employees of nursing homes so they know we see and love them. 2) Promoting a special scan code for all medical professionals to purchase a coffee on us!

PARTNER WITH BOULDER SCHOOL – Pinewood Church made a donation of $5600 to purchase Chromebooks and books for students. We were going to relocate this school just before COVID-19 hit. The principal recorded a personal message to our church and has shown overwhelming gratitude for the generous donation.

PRAYER WALKING – During a season of so much social unrest, financial struggles, and fear, we wanted to increase our prayer initiatives. We have challenged our church to a 10,000 mile prayer walk challenge. Our goal: 10,000 miles in 5 months. In 2 months – prayer walked 3,680 miles!!

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now.” I love you all very much!

Parker and Jess Manuel and family. Our church planters in Colorado

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